General Information

CERT.Bahia (Computer Security Incident Response Team - Bahia/Brazil) is the group responsible for handling and responding to security incidents. The CERT.Bahia also acts supporting incident handling and in the dissemination of best practices for the safe use and administration of the information tecnologies.


To gather, report and analyze security incidents, through the increase of the user awareness about the information security and the threat control in the technologic environment.


To help the institutions connected to POP-BA/RNP and RedeCOMEP (ReMeSSA) in the prevention, detection and handling of security incidents, and to create and disseminate good practices for the safe use and administration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


The CERT.Bahia community is the institutions connected to POP-BA/RNP and RedeCOMEP (ReMeSSA).

If you have any questions please take a look at the FAQ or contat us.


Incident Handling

CERT.Bahia receives and analyzes security incidents acting like a central point of contact of security notifications. Our intention is to forward security notifications to our customers, CERT.Bahia in order to help the prevention of security incidents.

Training and education

CERT.Bahia provides training and education services for end users, IT professionals and managers in order to disseminate relevant information about security practices. We present talks at seminars and institutions, and organize courses and workshops with the focus on security of IT infrastructures and systems. If you are interested in organizing a presentation or a course, please contat us.

Alerts and statistics about critical security issues

CERT.Bahia provides alerts about relevant security incidents and presents several statistics regarding network traffic and attacks reported in our domain administration.