About CERT.Bahia

What is CERT.Bahia?

CERT.Bahia (Computer Emergency Response Team - Bahia) is the group responsible for handling and responding security incidents related to PoP-BA. The CERT.Bahia also acts supporting the incident handling related to PoP-BA's customers and in the dissemination of the practices for the safe use and administration of the information tecnologies.

What is the CERT.BA constituency?

The CERT.Bahia constituency is institutions connected to Brazilian Research Network's (RNP) Point of Presence in the State of Bahia (PoP-BA).


What are the CERT.Bahia services?

The services oferred by CERT.Bahia is available at About CERT.Bahia.

What kind of security incidents can be reported?

Any kind of security incident related to PoP-BA and its customers can be reported.

What information should be included at the notifications?

All information which helps on the incident identification should be informed. We highlight: IP address involved, source and destination ports, date, hour and timezone. If it possibles, you should send logs too.

Comunication with CERT.BA

How to contact CERT.BA?

Contacts refered to incident notification must be send by the Web form or by the email cert AT pop-ba.rnp.br,

Another contacts should be done by the email cert AT pop-ba.rnp.br.

How to send cryptografed information?

To send confidential information, use the email cert AT pop-ba.rnp.br. The public key PGP is available here.